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Weekly gold market review 25.03.15. The changes of the Century!

Weekly gold market review 25.03.15. The changes of the Century!

Experts of investment bank of the USA, Bank of America, declared that the price of gold was at a minimum level on Tuesday, March 17, in the recent times. Nonetheless the price will not reach, or come close, that minimum in the nearest future. Experts claimed that from that very day, gold will keep increasing and in a short period of time will reach 1,200 dollars; later it will keep a steady growth.

Now the most talked about topic in media and markets is the new pricing system which came into force on 20 March. In anticipation of the establishment of this new pricing policy, on 18th it was noticed a huge increase in gold prices.



Probably, on 17 March gold reached its minimum bearing in mind the next levels of the future, having fallen to 1,149.18 dollars per troy ounce. Experts relate it with the participation of large speculators in the market, before the new pricing policy was established. The large number of gold sales brought about a fall in gold prices. Anyway, the replacement of the fixing price system will drive the gold prices up further soon.

The replacement of London Gold Fix which remained intact since 1919 has been one of the major moments in the history of this precious metal!

As of 20 March, the integrity and transparency in the pricing system is controlled by 6 banks. The system consists of an electronic auction, in which every participant of the gold market is welcomed to contribute. This means that the price of gold will be fixed in a more objective and transparent way, therefore the trust in this precious metal is growing all around the world!

Gold is the money of the 21st Century. More and more world banks and ordinary people realize about this fact and buy gold, while lose trust in paper money. This loss of confidence is due to the depreciation of many currencies, and inflation that affects paper money. Instead, gold works as a safe haven asset that protects money against difficult economic situations.

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